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#cosmiceye As we said everyday is a new
Hi!!! Thank you for stopping by. Let me introduce myself. My name is Viviana Valiente. I´m architect, artist, author, teacher and proud mother of four amazing children.
I'm from Santiago, Chile where the native language is Spanish, but since I arrived in Texas in 2015, I've been learning to speak English, so I have a funny accent.

Arts and crafts have been always part of my inner world, so while I was in college studying architecture, I had the chance to enjoy learning different art techniques, mainly mosaic, weaving, and painting. To my surprise, I discovered
my true calling is to teach those techniques. Sharing my knowledge has enriched my life in unexpected ways.

Teaching is a powerful tool because it lets me open my eyes to every moment. Every time I teach a class, I learn something new from my students that makes me feel so thankful, and the way they trust in me gives me the chance to believe in myself.
I was inspired to write the book Weaving for the Soul as a tool for students and artists to learn to weave.
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